About Us

The mission of the MYAA and Medford Renegades is to create quality athletic programs that teach fundamentals, techniques, teamwork and sportsmanship to all children of Medford who wish to participate. 


One of the key fundamentals that we teach to our kids is teamwork.  Teamwork is very critical in the long term success of any team.  MYAA considers itself part of the overall team in Medford to promote youth sports.  We work very closely with the Medford Recreation Department, the Medford School District and the Lenape Regional School District.  Within the Lenape Regional School District we work closely with the various Varsity coaches from Shawnee High School since many of our athletes continue on to play high school sports.


Medford Baseball is proud to be a part of MYAA and is proud to hold our Annual Killer "B" Tournament.