Tournament Rules

2021 15th Annual

Medford John Cobb Memorial Killer “B” Tournament

Tournament Rules (updated 06/13/2021)

Rules (7-14yr olds)

Tournament check-in:

  • There is no formal tournament check in location. Please use the schedule to determine the time and location of your first game.  A tournament representative should be there to greet you.
  • All baseballs for the tournament will be supplied by Medford Baseball.
  • Please keep a copy of the team roster and copies of insurance certificate on you throughout the tournament. Any question about player eligibility must be raised before the first pitch of any game.  After the game has started no player eligibility issues will be addressed.
  • For more tournament information: Please visit our website ( for tournament needs (field locations, rules, etc.).
  • All Communications throughout the tournament will come from Tourney Machine

Team Roster:

  • A team will consist of no more than one (1) adult manager, two (2) coaches, one (1) scorekeeper and a maximum of fifteen (15) players.  There must be a minimum of nine (9) players present at the start of each game. If, for any reason, the lineup subsequently drops below 9 players (i.e. injury, etc.), an out will be recorded at the vacated position in the batting order.
  • If a team does not have 9 players to start the game the game will be considered a forfeit. If a team forfeits the game for any reason the winning team will earn a 6-0 win in a 6 inning game and 7-0 in a 7 inning game.  If the Medford Killer B Officials agree the game may still be played but the time limit will be determined by the Medford Officials in order to keep the tournament moving on schedule.  There will be no exception to the time limit that is set prior to the game even if the game is a tie.
  • No one other than these team members are permitted on the field or in the dugout areas at any time.
  • You must have a copy of your team’s final roster for the start of your first tournament game. You must keep a copy of your team’s roster on you throughout the tournament.  Rosters must include (1) team name, (2) player’s name, (3) player’s date of birth, (4) player’s uniform number, (5) coaches’ names, (6) coaches phone numbers, and (7) an E-mail address.
  • No changes will be accepted after the start of the tournament.
  • A player may appear on the roster of more than one team within the same organization.
  • A player may not appear on more than one roster in within  a single age group.


Player Age:

  • The player’s age bracket is determined by player’s age as of April 30th. This is consistent with 2019 Cal Ripken and Bath Ruth rules, which Medford baseball support.
  • Copies of birth certificates or Babe Ruth approved ID cards must accompany team rosters for each player.



  • It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that all players are equipped with baseball safety gear, including a protective cup.

.    No metal spikes are allowed for players in the 7u to 12u age brackets.


  • Insurance coverage is the responsibility of the individual teams entered into the tournament.  A copy of the insurance policy must be submitted & carried together with the team roster throughout the tournament.


  • One (1) umpire will officiate each game for U7-U12; Two (2) umpires will officiate each game for U13 & UP.


  • Up to 3 baseballs will be provided to the umpire prior to the start of the game. Coaches are responsible to ensure home run balls are returned to the game. Coaches can give the player the ball after the game. It is each team’s responsibility to chase their foul balls.

Game Location:

  • All games will be played at, or near, the Hartford Crossings complex located at the intersection of Hartford Road and Church Road (across from Lenape High School). Games will also be held at the Hartford Softball Complex (on Hartford Road) will also be used. Any other fields used in the tournament will be indicated as necessary.

Schedule / Pool Play:

  • Double headers may be scheduled for the weekend’s play.
  • Each age group will play 2 preliminary games and will then be seeded for the playoffs and consolation games based on the criteria below. The seeding will involve all teams within the age group regardless of the brackets for the preliminary 2 games.  Some age groups may differ depending on number of teams.


Tiebreakers:  in order, are as follows:

  1. Winning percentage *
  2. Head to Head* (unless there is a 3 team tie for winning percentage. If so, least runs allowed is the 2nd tie breaker after winning percentage)
  3. Least runs allowed
  4. Total Net Run Differential
  5. Coin Flip

*       Depending upon the number of teams in a division it is possible for some teams to play 4 games. When determining winning percentage a tie shall count as ½ of a win. For example, a record of 2-0-1 shall have a winning percentage of .833 and a record of 2-1-1 shall have a winning percentage of .625.

Protest Opportunities:

There will be NO formal protests permitted. All decisions will be determined on the field by the umpires.  There are NO Protests on judgment calls.


Definition of a Game:

  • An official game is three (3) innings (2 ½ innings if the home team is winning).
  • In the event of inclement weather the definition of an official game will be three (3) innings (2 ½ innings if the home team is winning or 1 hour of game play regardless of # of innings played.
  • Incomplete or suspended games will be played from the point of suspension. If one full inning has not been completed, the game will be replayed in its entirety, if time slots are available. An example of a suspended game is: curfew imposed by law, artificial light failure or lights cannot be turned on due to local law.
  • Games will start at their scheduled times or 10 minutes after the game in front ends if later than the scheduled starting time.  Teams are not allowed to take infield practice prior to the start of the game.  This rule is in place to allow the fields to be groomed and games to start on time.
  • For 7U-12U, a game will be comprised of six (6) innings unless the following occurs:
  • A game is terminated and 3 innings have been played (2½ innings if the home team is leading).
  • A game is terminated by the game time limit rule which is: a new inning may not begin after one (1) hour and 45 minutes from the official start time, which will be announced and monitored by the game umpire.
  • For 13U and UP, a game will be comprised of seven (7) innings unless the following occurs:
  • A game is terminated and 3 innings have been played (2½ innings if the home team is leading).
  • A game is terminated by the game time limit rule which is: a new inning may not begin after two (2) hours from the official start time, which will be announced and monitored by the game umpire.
  • If the game is tied, an inning or innings will be played to break the tie, if still within the time limit.  Tournament officials will be watchful of and will not tolerate any attempts to delay a game.  If a team is found to be intentionally delaying a game, this could result in an immediate forfeiture of that game determined by the umpire.
  • 7U-No new inning if the last out is recorded at/before 90 minutes and drop dead at 2 hours.
  • 8U-12U-No new inning if the last out is recorded at/before 105 minutes and drop dead at 2 hours.
  • 13U-14U No new inning if the last out is recorded at/before 120 minutes and drop dead at 2 ½ hours.
  • No time limits are in place for championship games.


Inclement Weather:

The Medford John Cobb Memorial Killer B Tournament follows the NJSIAA Inclement weather suspension policy.

In the event of inclement weather, Medford Killer B officials will notify the manager or coach of cancellation in advance (by Tourney Machine Communication), as soon as possible.

  • If there is any doubt, assume the game will be played.  In this event, the Medford Renegades Baseball staff will do EVERYTHING we can to make the fields playable and to get all games played.
  • There will be a Tournament official in charge of making the decision in the event of bad weather. Once the tournament director or weather official makes the call there will be an announcement made in the form of a horn and Tourney Machine.  All fields will suspend play for a minimum of 30 minutes after the last lightning strike or sound of thunder. Each lightning strike or sound of thunder resets the clock to 30 minutes.  No games will resume until the all clear is announced by the tournament director/weather official.
  • In the event of inclement weather during a game and there is a stoppage of play the time of the game delay will be counted against the game clock.
  • For example, if there is only 15 minutes left on the game clock and play is suspended due to weather, the game is considered over. If in the bottom of the inning and the home team is winning, the game is over and the home team has won.  If any other scenario, you revert back to the previous full inning score.


  • In the event of inclement weather the definition of an official game will be three (3) innings (2 ½ innings if the home team is winning or 1 hour of game play (not inclusive of the delay).



Run Limit / Mercy Rule

  • For 7U – 12U, 15 runs after 3 complete innings  (2.5 innings if Home team winning)
  • For 7U – 12U, 10 runs after 4 compete innings (3.5 innings if Home team winning)
  • For 7U – 12U, 8 runs after 5 compete innings (4.5 innings if Home team winning)
  • For 13U & UP, 15 runs after 4 compete innings (3.5 innings if Home team winning)
  • For 13U & UP, 10 runs after 5 compete innings (4.5 innings if Home team winning)
  • For 13U & UP, 8 runs after 6 compete innings (5.5 innings if Home team winning)

Home Team:

  • The home team will be decided by a coin flip one-half hour prior to the game.  A representative from Medford Baseball, umpire, or official scorer will perform the coin flip. There is no coin flip after teams are seeded.  The Higher seed is the home team. (For example, #1 seed is the home team).
  • If only one team is present for the coin flip, that team will elect home or visitor.

Score Reporting:

  • Both teams are required to submit final scores to the age group point person immediately following each game.   All coaches will have a contact person for their age group.

Playing Rules:

Unless otherwise stated, Cal Ripken Baseball Rules will apply

Coach Pitch Bracket – 7U – Batting

  1. Coach Pitcher
  2. The Coach pitcher will be positioned on the pitching rubber
  • The pitchers plate will be approx. 40’-42’ from home plate
  1. The Coach pitcher must pitch from a standing position and must be overhand.
  2. The Coach pitcher is not to assist the batter or base-runners in any way.
  3. A second warning from the Umpire will result in the removal of the coach pitcher
  4. .Each batter will receive either three (3) strikes (swinging or a hit foul ball only) or a maximum of five (5) pitches at which point a strikeout will be recorded. A batter will not strike out on a 5th pitch foul ball and will continue to receive additional pitches as long as he fouls them off. (Must swing on 5th pitch and after any subsequent pitches that are fouled off).
  5. A pitch may be discarded if the umpire, in his sole judgment, deems that it was “unhittable” and the batter did not swing. “Unhittable” is defined as a ball that hits on or before the plate or a ball that is over the batter’s head. Coaches may not argue with the umpire’s decision and may be ejected for doing so. The decision could be made on any pitch, however, it typically should not be utilized very often.
  6. A hit batter is not awarded 1st base but will continue to bat. The pitch will not count unless the batter swings at the pitch.
  7. There is no stealing or advancement on wild pitches and catchers’ passed balls.  Runners remain on the base until the ball is hit.
  8. If a ball hits the Coach pitcher (unintentional), it is in play. If the umpire, in his sole judgment, believes that the Coach pitcher did not make an adequate attempt to avoid interfering with a play, he may call the play dead and the batter/player out, with no advancement by baserunners. Otherwise, the umpire may use his judgment in placing runners as a result of a stoppage in play due to the coach pitcher getting in the way or colliding with a player attempting to make a play
  9. There is a 6 run per inning limit.  Once a team scores 6 runs, or 3 outs are recorded the inning is over.  Last inning will be unlimited.
  10. There is no infield fly rule.
  11.  No drop 3rd strike.

Coach Pitch Bracket – 7U – Base Running

  1. Stealing/leading is not permitted.  Runners leaving early will be sent back, and the pitch or hit will not count.  A second violation from the team will result in an out.
  2. Runners must either slide or veer into 2nd, 3rd or home if a play is imminent.  Failure to do so will result in, at the umpire’s discretion, an out call and/or ejection from the game.  Headfirst slide is permitted going back to the base.   There will be no sliding into first base in an attempt to beat out a batted ball, the batter will be ruled out in this instance.
  3. There will be midway marks between first, second, third and home plate.  If a runner has passed the mark when time is called, he will be awarded the base he is approaching.  If a runner has not reached the mark when time is called, he must return to the previous base. All base runners are at their own risk. If a base runner is not passed the hash mark and is thrown out at the illegal base, the runner is out. If the runner is safe, then he must return to the base that the runner left when the umpire called time.

      Coach Pitch Bracket – 7U – Fielding/ Defensive Positioning

  1. Each team is to have a player positioned as “pitcher”, lined 6’ behind the coach pitcher and within 6’ (umpire discretion) to the left or right of the coach pitcher.
  2. Infielders may not start more than 5 feet in front of the base path and outfielders must start 10 feet in the grass until the ball is hit.
  3. Once the ball is controlled by an infielder in the field of play, the play will be declared dead. An outfielder must throw the ball to the infield and they are not allowed to run the ball to the infield. An infield position player must have control of the ball in the infield dirt to stop play.
  4. On an overthrow at first, the runner at first can’t advance. Runners on any other base can attempt to advance one base. On an overthrow at any other base, the runner can advance one base. Advancement is limited to one base during a given play. For instance, runner on first moves to second on a hit. The runner at second may advance to third on an overthrow to first attempting to get the hitter out, however the runner at first must stay. If there is an attempt to get the advancing runner out at 3rd and that causes a subsequent overthrow at 3rd both runners must stay since a one base advancement has already taken place.
  5. On any overthrow by an infielder to any base, the batter cannot advance beyond first base.  If batter decides to take 2nd on an overthrow and is thrown out, he will be returned to first base.
  6. On a hit to the outfield, runners can advance extra bases until possessed by an infielder within the field of play.  Players advance to the extra base at their own risk and “midway mark” rules still apply
  7. There will be 10 players on the field, 4 of which must be outfielders.

Kid Pitch Bracket – 8U –

  1. All Cal Ripken Rules apply except for no stealing home. A runner on 3rd base can only be hit or walked in to score. If a runner is stealing 3rd, he cannot   advance home on a bad throw.
  2. There will be a 5 run Max each inning, except for the 6th inning which will be unlimited. No exceptions.


Pitching / Defense:

  • A pitcher may have 6 warmup pitches per inning or when replacing a previous pitcher.
  • A pitcher may pitch in no more than 2 consecutive innings per game, for U8-U12.
  • A pitcher may pitch in no more than 4 consecutive innings per game, for U13 & UP. (This rule is for all tournament games including playoffs and championship games unless otherwise communicated by the tournament commissioner.)
  • One pitch to a batter in an inning is considered an inning pitched. One official defensive play such as a pick off is NOT considered 1 pitch and will NOT count as an inning.
  • On the second trip to the mound in the same inning, the pitcher must be removed
  • Once a pitcher is removed, he cannot return as a pitcher later in that game.
  • If an illegal pitcher is used, the game will be forfeited. It is incumbent on the opposing manager to lodge protest in this case, and the protest must occur prior to the last out of the game.
  • For U11 and U12, one balk warning per pitcher will be issued. Not per pitcher per inning.  On the balk warning the ball is ruled dead immediately whether the pitch is thrown or not.  If there is a subsequent balk, Cal Ripken rules apply.
  • For 13U -14U – Balks are in effect. NO Warnings.
  • Free substitutions are allowed at all positions with the exception of the pitching rule.
  • Infield fly rule IS in effect with the exception of 7U and 8U
  • Infield warmups are only allowed during first 3 innings of the game.



  • A continuous lineup will be used consisting of every player on that game’s roster and present at the game.
  • If a player is injured during a game and is unable to bat, no out will be assessed when that batter is schedule to bat.  However, once that player’s turn is skipped in the batting order, he may not return to the game.
  • For any player that is injured prior to the start of a game, each player must be in the batting order or that player is OUT of the game. Each player has to maintain a spot in the batting order.  For example, you cannot have an injured/bench player not in the batting order that is used as a continual pinch runner throughout the game.
  • A courtesy runner MUST be used for the catcher with two outs and MAY be used for a pitcher with two outs. The courtesy runner will be the player who made the last out.



Bat Rules:

7U-8U: Only USA Approved bats are allowed in the tournament.  Bats from previous years are not permitted under any circumstances.  Any player caught using an illegal bat and reaches base will be recorded as out.  Teams will receive a warning for their first altercation.  A second altercation will force the offending team to forfeit their game. T-BALL bats are not permitted and viewed as illegal. These parameters are by Cal Ripken Rules. Please familiarize yourselves with this information.  

A player may use a wood bat if they choose to do so.

9U-12U:    USA Baseball Marking 2 5/8 Barrel max.  NO BBCOR

13U:                USA Baseball Marking or BBCOR.50 2 5/8″ barrel (Drop cannot be higher than a -9)

14U & UP:         USA Baseball Marking or BBCOR      2 5/8″ barrel (-5 drop)


  • Tampering with bats is strictly prohibited. If a bat is tampered with or an illegal bat is used, the result will be a dead ball out if a batted ball was put in play and the batter advanced to any base.


  • There is no slash bunt. A batter is out for illegal action when the player fakes a bunt and then takes a full swing, thus eliminating a player from fake bunting the ball.  Penalty:  Batter is out, the ball is dead, and no runners may advance.
  • Dropped 3rd strike – 46/60 play – The batter is out and cannot run to first; 50/70 and 60/90 play – Dropped 3rd strike rule in effect.
  • Runners must either “slide or veer” into 2nd, 3rd, or home if a play is imminent.  Failure to do so will result in, at the umpire’s discretion, an out call and possible ejection from the game.



  • No manager or coach may come on the playing field once the game has begun until he has requested time and permission is granted by the umpire.
  • Any manager, coach, scorekeeper or parent ejected from any game will be expelled from any remaining games in the tournament. This is not open for discussion.
  • Any team or their supporters that initiates, causes or continues any problems will cause that team to be expelled from the tournament without refund of the entrance fee.
  • Any player who throws bats, helmets, gloves or other equipment may be, at the umpire’s discretion, ejected from the game.
  •  After 1 bench warning for a thrown bat by a player the next player from that team that throws a bat is ejected from the game.
  • The use of profanity will result in the ejection of that manager, coach or player from that game and will require that individual to leave the complex.
  • PARKING AT THE COMPLEX IS AT YOUR OWN RISK!  The Medford Renegades baseball program will not be held liable to balls batted foul which may cause damage to vehicles.  Please advise your teams of this rule.

Refund Policy:

  • Any team that cancels its registration less than 30 days prior to the tournament start date will forfeit their entire entry fee.
  • If no games have been played and the tournament is canceled to weather/field conditions and cannot be rescheduled — teams will receive a refund of their entry fee minus $150 administrative fees.
  • After the tournament has started, any team that has completed at least ONE (1) game is not entitled to any refund of their entry fee.


Medford Baseball reserves the right to change the tournament format based on weather or other conditions. There will be no refund of entry fees due to changes in the tournament format.

Tournament Contacts:

Bill Dent (Tournament Director 609-410-1452)